Chic Collection by Dream Girl

There’s no quicker way to transform your style simply and easily than with a wig. Just ask Lady Gaga or Kelly Rowland, both rumoured to be fans of hairpieces.

Now Dream Girl is making it even easier as we reveal the Chic Collection.
A new range of premium synthetic wigs, hair pieces and pony tails, each piece in the Chic Collection is made from high quality fibres in a variety of lengths, textures and colours.

If you’ve never worn a wig before, this is why we think you might like to try.

Fitting snugly over your natural hair you can pick a style that’s perfect for a night out and it saves time in styling your hair. It also means you can chop and change, experimenting with different looks and colours. Want to be a vibrant red head but don’t want to make a permanent change or dye your hair? Then try it out with a wig first, get the feedback from your friends before you take the plunge.

It might be that you choose a wig to give you extra confidence. Some people have very fine or thin hair, some lose their hair, either through illness or treatment. A wig is an ideal way to cover thinning or very fine hair. The perfect confidence boost.

Because it’s Dream Girl, every wig in the Chic Collection is made with real care and attention. Each is finely wefted, meaning each strand of hair is styled perfectly meaning you get a much more natural drop and finish to the hair.

Ponytails or hair pieces are the easiest way to add extra length or create a dramatic up-do, giving your natural hair a little extra volume. It is affordable as well, so no need for a huge investment.

Explore the Chic Collection and see how you can transform your look in an instant.

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