Step out feeling Chic

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to transform your style then a wig is a great solution.

Made using either synthetic hair or 100% human hair, a wig is the easiest solution if you want to chop and change your look, without making a long-term commitment.

And Dream Girl’s Chic Collection is the ideal range with a host of styles, lengths, textures and colours to suit everyone.

In a new film on Dream Girl’s You Tube channel you can watch stylist Lynn Wallis select a new wig for Laine.

It’s perfect if you have short hair and want to try a new style that is a little longer.

The first thing to do is to check for a colour that best matches you.

How to choose depends on how the colour makes you look. If it isn’t right for your complexion, i.e., it’s too dark, you might end up looking washed out. A colour that doesn’t suit you will make a wig look unnatural and the idea is to make it look as seamless your own locks.

If you go to Dream Girl’s Colour Chart for the Chic Collection you’ll see they have a range of colours from Apricot Blond to Sunset Brown, and everything in between.

You also need to try on a a few to get the right style. Whether with a fringe or a layered cut you want to choose a wig that best suits the shape of your face and will compliment you. It should feel comfortable as well and fit securely on your scalp.

Dream Girl’s Chic Collection is made up of finely wefted wigs, which means the hair is much more likely to fall naturally, making it easier for you to turn it into a great hairstyle.

In the video the stylist uses curling tongs and plenty of hairspray to add a little volume and style to Laine’s wig. You can use rollers to add a little lift at the roots and tongs for a shape at the tips. Spray will help keep the style in for longer.

Explore Dream Girl’s Chic Collection online and watch the film on You Tube..

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