Revealing a new style with Brazilian spice

It is the most sought after hair in the world.

Bring a little Brazilian spice into your life.

Sapna 100% Brazilian hair extensions are like gold. There’s not a woman on earth who wouldn’t want to enhance her natural beauty by wearing them.

Why do women love them so much?

Natural Brazilian hair is luxurious. The look is truly natural meaning it blends seamlessly with your own hair. Available in a range of lengths and shades there’s more choice meaning you get to pick the exact product that will feel like it’s been designed to suit you.

Brazilian hair is manageable, flexible and extremely strong. It means that you can wear it up and wear it down, change your style, experiment with your look and your extensions will last longer.

What will Sapna 100% Brazilian hair extensions mean for you?

You can add volume and length, enhance your natural look with incredible style. Wear your hair long or wear it up, you can have the hair you’ve always dreamed of.
Please note, this product has been professionally dyed and treated to produce the intended colour.

NO alteration like colouring, re-dying, re-processing or re-styling is recommended.