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X-Pression Two Tone (Ombre) Extensions NOW available.

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We have the new X-Pression two toned (ombre) extension now available, this is a popular product on the market and is selling fast. Get it now before it runs out!

Contact our customer service team via; Phone: 0208 961 7978,
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Award winning Dream Girl hair now available, prices from 79p!


We have over 5,000+ wigs, clip ins, ponytails, extensions and much more available, you will definitely find what you are looking for!

Contact our customer service team via; Phone: 0208 961 7978,
E-mail: , Fax: 020 804 30019 , WhatsApp: 07568104862 .

Get long and luscious hair for Christmas

Party season is nearly upon us. It is a time designed for experimenting with new looks. If you are tired of your short or mid length hair, why not get long and luscious locks for Christmas and end the year feeling like a new you.

Hair Extensions are simply the easiest way to transform your style. Got fine, flyaway hair? Then add to your locks with volume and length with new extensions. At that awkward growing out phase with a shorter style and you just don’t feel glamorous? Well then, make the transition easier by using hair extensions to add length.

At Dooa we understand that every woman is different, therefore you need to have as many hair extension options as you can. There will always be something for somebody.

If you’re looking for Hair Extensions to mask your hair while it is growing out then you can match them perfectly to your own natural colour. Use 100% human hair extensions. These will look more like your own hair. This is because the extensions are produced with the hair cuticles still intact. Hair is laid row by row, strand by strand and this means it is less likely to get tangled and more likely to fall naturally and in a flattering way.

Got very curly hair or wavy hair? Fear not, Hair extensions are for you too. We supply the widest range of hair extensions either in tight curls or looser waves, depending on your individual style.

Long hair does make you feel more glamorous, but remember, you don’t have to always wear your hair loose just because you have invested in hair extensions. One of the great things about having longer and thicker hair is that it is perfect if you want to try up-dos that look best with, well, thicker hair.

You can twist your hair in a dramatic bun, a look straight of the catwalks, or experiment with a fish tail braid, also an on trend look for the new year.

Hair extensions can either be fitted using glue or being sewn in. The best thing to do is talk to your hairdresser about the kind of looks you are looking for and they can help advise you on the right style of extensions for you.

You might just want them for parties and then to go back to you natural look the following day. No fear, simply use Clip-On Hair Extensions that can be fitted quickly and easily in minutes.

Remember if you are partying then you need to take extra care of your hair extensions. Also Dooa supplies a range of products like soft and gentle shampoo and serum to make your hair shine and you extensions last even longer.

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