Put a spring in your step with some colour

When it’s so gloomy outside we can always inject a little colour to look forward to spring.

Pinks, blues, greens our nails, lips, eyelids and even our hair can be used as a palette to cheer our mood. It’s amazing what colour can do, so while we wait for the sun to return let’s take control of our look and add a little joy.

Dooa supplies a range of make up, as well as Hair Extensions that offer a bolder shade this season. As everyone prepares for London Fashion Week here is our guide to some of the colours you’ll see on the catwalk and how you can fit them into your makeup bag.

A flash of Pink

Pink is a big part of the spring colour this year. Soft gentle hues but also bold, bright shades will be the go to colour for jeans, dresses and jackets. But it’s also a great shade for your lips.

Flash from Dream Girl’s Lipstick Collection is ideal if you want to make a statement with your lips. Match with a soft blush and just a flick of mascara for full impact. A sheer gloss and lasting finish it’s an ideal colour for a night out, or even if you want to add a little glamour to your working day.

Lipsticks Col. Flash Dream Girl


Don’t be Blue

Blue is a great colour that matches so many skin tones. Blue lipsticks and nail varnishes have been spotted on the catwalks over the past few months. If you’re not ready to take that leap but want to try the shade why not opt for eye shadow?

Dream Girl’s collection of Duo Eyeshadow offers two for the price of one. You can either wear each shade on its own, or mix to create a new one that’s just for you. Diva matches a gentle blue that’s the colour of a sky on a summer’s day along with a soft green. The colour can be used on the eyelids either as a block of colour or, using a brush you can draw a line just above your eyelid to replace liner and make a bold statement.

Duo Eyeshadow Col. Diba Dream Girl

Purple Pleasure

Lilac and light purple are a key trend this season. Using your nails as a palette is an easy way of making sure you’re on trend from head to toe.

Dream Girl’s Nail Polish Collection includes Catwalk which is a lilac shade that can be used as a nod to a runway style. You can either match to your outfit or use as a contrast for a cutting edge look.

Nail Polish Col. Catwalk Dream Girl

A shock of colour

Selena Gomez was spotted sporting a colourful addition to her hairstyle earlier this year. Clip On Hair Extensions can be used to add a new shade to your locks. Dooa supplies premium brands which have a range of Fancies, brighter colours like blue, green, pink, orange or red. You can either go for a full head colour or add a few locks to add a subtle style.

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Make him fall in love in 1, 2, 3

Want to know how to create a hairstyle that will turn heads?

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. You might have a date planned. Maybe you’re organising a night out with the girls. Whatever you’re doing, you want to look perfect. The right outfit, the right shoes and more importantly the right hair.

It’s a known fact that even though they might pretend to not care, men do take notice of how we style ourselves. Shiny, healthy, bouncy hair exudes confidence and beauty. Who wouldn’t want to look like that?

So if you want to feel fantastic from your toes to the tips of your hair listen we have some ideas.

Dream Girl Clip’N Go Hair Extensions are ideal if you want to create a look for a special night out. Easy to fit without needing any help it means you can transform your hair in minutes.

Step 1

Visit Dream Girl’s online store. Clip’N Go Hair Extensions are created using 100% human hair. Great care is taken to ensure each strand it sitting the same way and is placed correctly and securely. This means the extensions provide a more natural and healthy looking finish. It also means Hair Extensions will last longer.

Use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to select a colour closest to your own.

Pick the right Hair Extensions for you. Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, long or mid-length there is a range of styles and lengths to suit everyone.

Step 2

To use Clip’N Go Hair Extensions, make sure your hair is washed and styled normally.

In your pack you will receive 10 strips. There are four large strips to cover the crown of the head, two medium strips to cover the bridge of the neck and four small strips to cover the side of the head and to frame the face.

Lay your Hair Extensions in front of you so they are tangle-free and flat.

Begin at the nape of the neck. Clip your hair up with a grip and secure the first row in place. Release your hair, then about an inch higher, twist and secure your natural hair again with a grip and secure the second row. Clipping your natural hair back might take time but it makes it easier to fit the Clip N’Go Hair Extensions as it means there are fewer lose strands to get tied in. Fitting the extensions in rows also makes it simpler to ensure the finish is smooth with no lumps or bumps, creating a more natural finish.

Continue until you reach the crown. The longer strips will cover the whole crown so as you reach there you may find the clips need to be secured slightly to the side of the head. Just ensure your own hair is clipped and moved to the side so it is easier to fit the extensions.

Once the larger rows are fitted secure the four smaller clips to add volume and to frame the face.

At the root of each of Dream Girl’s Clip’N Go Hair Extensions is a flexible grip. They are styled to ensure the clip is not on show but just double check that hair is smooth.

Step 3

Time to style. Dream Girl’s Clip’N Go Hair Extensions can be crimped, curled and styled as natural hair.(*)

For a look that’s bang on trend, curl hair in one to two inch squares to create big bouncy waves. Ensure ends are curled to frame the face and clip fringe loosely back to create a soft, romantic look.

And there you have it. Three steps to a show-stopping style that’s guaranteed to make him swoon.

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(*)This step is only recommended if executed by an experienced Professional Hair Extensionist. Applying temperature to hair extensions might damage them severely.

Top Five Reasons To Try Hair Extensions

1. To Add Thickness – Who doesn’t want sexy, fuller hair? Hair extensions allow those who have struggled with thin and fine hair to finally experience having luxurious and voluminous tresses. Extensions can be an instant boost of volume to anyone’s style.

2. To Try a New Length – Did you recently experience the worst haircut of your life? Do you dream of having long hair but don’t have the patience to grow it out? Extensions can be the answer to all your hair length worries!

3. To Add a New Element to Your Style – Have you always wanted layers but are too nervous to cut them? Been too scared to jump on the bang trend bandwagon? Have you dreamed of having wavy hair without the work? Extensions are the perfect way to try new style elements with your hair without being permanent.

4. To Try a New Color – Extensions are the perfect answer to wanting to try new hair hues without the fear of chemical damage to your natural tresses. For those that like to change their hair color often, extensions are truly the healthy hair solution for you!

5. To Create An Instant New You – Sometimes we just need to turn over a new leaf in life. Have some beauty fun while finding the ‘new you’ with a fresh hair look! Extensions can instantly give you a style that would otherwise take months to achieve. From a new length with added volume to trendy bangs and a fun new color, hair extensions can help you kick off the ‘new you’ with style and confidence!

**TIP** The key to making the right decision about extensions is finding a trusted distributor and stylist to help create your look. Extensions are an investment in your personal beauty so you must treat them as such. Follow all manufacturer and stylist directions when it comes to caring for and maintaining your beauty investment.
Guest post by Latest-Hairstyles.com

Chic Collection by Dream Girl

There’s no quicker way to transform your style simply and easily than with a wig. Just ask Lady Gaga or Kelly Rowland, both rumoured to be fans of hairpieces.

Now Dream Girl is making it even easier as we reveal the Chic Collection.
A new range of premium synthetic wigs, hair pieces and pony tails, each piece in the Chic Collection is made from high quality fibres in a variety of lengths, textures and colours.

If you’ve never worn a wig before, this is why we think you might like to try.

Fitting snugly over your natural hair you can pick a style that’s perfect for a night out and it saves time in styling your hair. It also means you can chop and change, experimenting with different looks and colours. Want to be a vibrant red head but don’t want to make a permanent change or dye your hair? Then try it out with a wig first, get the feedback from your friends before you take the plunge.

It might be that you choose a wig to give you extra confidence. Some people have very fine or thin hair, some lose their hair, either through illness or treatment. A wig is an ideal way to cover thinning or very fine hair. The perfect confidence boost.

Because it’s Dream Girl, every wig in the Chic Collection is made with real care and attention. Each is finely wefted, meaning each strand of hair is styled perfectly meaning you get a much more natural drop and finish to the hair.

Ponytails or hair pieces are the easiest way to add extra length or create a dramatic up-do, giving your natural hair a little extra volume. It is affordable as well, so no need for a huge investment.

Explore the Chic Collection and see how you can transform your look in an instant.

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Get long and luscious hair for Christmas

Party season is nearly upon us. It is a time designed for experimenting with new looks. If you are tired of your short or mid length hair, why not get long and luscious locks for Christmas and end the year feeling like a new you.

Hair Extensions are simply the easiest way to transform your style. Got fine, flyaway hair? Then add to your locks with volume and length with new extensions. At that awkward growing out phase with a shorter style and you just don’t feel glamorous? Well then, make the transition easier by using hair extensions to add length.

At Dooa we understand that every woman is different, therefore you need to have as many hair extension options as you can. There will always be something for somebody.

If you’re looking for Hair Extensions to mask your hair while it is growing out then you can match them perfectly to your own natural colour. Use 100% human hair extensions. These will look more like your own hair. This is because the extensions are produced with the hair cuticles still intact. Hair is laid row by row, strand by strand and this means it is less likely to get tangled and more likely to fall naturally and in a flattering way.

Got very curly hair or wavy hair? Fear not, Hair extensions are for you too. We supply the widest range of hair extensions either in tight curls or looser waves, depending on your individual style.

Long hair does make you feel more glamorous, but remember, you don’t have to always wear your hair loose just because you have invested in hair extensions. One of the great things about having longer and thicker hair is that it is perfect if you want to try up-dos that look best with, well, thicker hair.

You can twist your hair in a dramatic bun, a look straight of the catwalks, or experiment with a fish tail braid, also an on trend look for the new year.

Hair extensions can either be fitted using glue or being sewn in. The best thing to do is talk to your hairdresser about the kind of looks you are looking for and they can help advise you on the right style of extensions for you.

You might just want them for parties and then to go back to you natural look the following day. No fear, simply use Clip-On Hair Extensions that can be fitted quickly and easily in minutes.

Remember if you are partying then you need to take extra care of your hair extensions. Also Dooa supplies a range of products like soft and gentle shampoo and serum to make your hair shine and you extensions last even longer.

You can get tips and ideas from Dooa throughout the week on Facebook and Twitter.