Put a spring in your step with some colour

When it’s so gloomy outside we can always inject a little colour to look forward to spring.

Pinks, blues, greens our nails, lips, eyelids and even our hair can be used as a palette to cheer our mood. It’s amazing what colour can do, so while we wait for the sun to return let’s take control of our look and add a little joy.

Dooa supplies a range of make up, as well as Hair Extensions that offer a bolder shade this season. As everyone prepares for London Fashion Week here is our guide to some of the colours you’ll see on the catwalk and how you can fit them into your makeup bag.

A flash of Pink

Pink is a big part of the spring colour this year. Soft gentle hues but also bold, bright shades will be the go to colour for jeans, dresses and jackets. But it’s also a great shade for your lips.

Flash from Dream Girl’s Lipstick Collection is ideal if you want to make a statement with your lips. Match with a soft blush and just a flick of mascara for full impact. A sheer gloss and lasting finish it’s an ideal colour for a night out, or even if you want to add a little glamour to your working day.

Lipsticks Col. Flash Dream Girl


Don’t be Blue

Blue is a great colour that matches so many skin tones. Blue lipsticks and nail varnishes have been spotted on the catwalks over the past few months. If you’re not ready to take that leap but want to try the shade why not opt for eye shadow?

Dream Girl’s collection of Duo Eyeshadow offers two for the price of one. You can either wear each shade on its own, or mix to create a new one that’s just for you. Diva matches a gentle blue that’s the colour of a sky on a summer’s day along with a soft green. The colour can be used on the eyelids either as a block of colour or, using a brush you can draw a line just above your eyelid to replace liner and make a bold statement.

Duo Eyeshadow Col. Diba Dream Girl

Purple Pleasure

Lilac and light purple are a key trend this season. Using your nails as a palette is an easy way of making sure you’re on trend from head to toe.

Dream Girl’s Nail Polish Collection includes Catwalk which is a lilac shade that can be used as a nod to a runway style. You can either match to your outfit or use as a contrast for a cutting edge look.

Nail Polish Col. Catwalk Dream Girl

A shock of colour

Selena Gomez was spotted sporting a colourful addition to her hairstyle earlier this year. Clip On Hair Extensions can be used to add a new shade to your locks. Dooa supplies premium brands which have a range of Fancies, brighter colours like blue, green, pink, orange or red. You can either go for a full head colour or add a few locks to add a subtle style.

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